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Benson & Hedges, Reel 2

Published 1967

Compilation of Benson & Hedges television commercials.

Audio/Visual sound, color


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Reviewer: guyburns - - September 9, 2013
Subject: Four gems amongst the cheesy humour and forced situations
73 ads in 59 minutes. Multiple repeats of most ads in a range of run-times (10-60 seconds). All feature the La la-la la, la-la, la-la jingle, very obviously dated to the flower-power, 1967 era. Every ad has this insipid hippy-ish jingle. Gets a bit tiring.

Ads include:

• America adjusts to the longer length of B&H 100s
• Extra puffs in each cigarette
• Disadvantages due to the longer length
• Long awards (long cars, long hair, 3.10)
• Report of the Day (6.00)
• How history would have changed (e.g. Beethoven toying with the La-la theme on the piano, 8.10)
• Not getting the extra puffs (humorous sequences, 16.40)
• Amateur Minute (a trite spoof of the La-la theme, 20.00)
• Indian sending smoke signal to his girlfriend.
• Humourous ads (Mr Byron Hedges looking for Mr Benson; Caliph; two men in a liferaft)
• Sharing the disadvantages with other countries

Personally, I can’t see the humour in any of the “disadvantage” ads — where the extra length causes unexpected things to happen. Came across as cheesy to me, because the humour is forced. A chef throws up a large pastry and it lands on his cigarette. A guy gets his cigarette caught in a lift (23.00). None of the “disadvantage” situations get any better than these.

Only five of the 73 ads are worth a second look:

23.20: Little Moon sends smoke signals from his B&H to his girlfriend. They look like white actors to me, dressed up as Indians. A racist ad with no redeeming qualities. The idea is dopey.

26.00: Mr Hedges looking for Mr Benson. This is well done. Humourous in an unforced way, and a great ending.

27.20: Three cigarette merchants appear before a Caliph who responds in a humorous way to each. Again, humour in an unforced manner.

28.20: A magician loses his powers when he changes to B&H 100s. The longer length interferes with his magic.

31.20: Two men in a life raft. An appealing ad. The situation, script and acting capture the moment.

Video and audio quality are of reasonable quality.
Reviewer: Eponymous - - September 10, 2012
Subject: NO SOUND with the new video player
With the new video player there's no sound. Also unable to "give feedback" on the new player. That page seems to be broken.

Also the star ratings below have the notation "Rating (optional)." Well, they're not optional. If you don't check a star rating, you can't submit your review. Yet another thing broken on this site.
Reviewer: Dr. I. N. Stein - - February 8, 2011
Subject: Lalalala lala lala la lalalala laaaaa
Lalalala lala lala la lalalala laaaaa